Create Your Ultimate Showering Experience

At Kohler, we believe every shower is a canvas. And our Statement showering collection is the ultimate palette. Boasting exquisite forms, Statement stands apart while seamlessly blending into the spaces we inhabit.

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Unleash Your Imagination

Defined by voluminous proportions and soft, organic designs the Statement showering collection brings form and finish to the forefront without overwhelming the space.

Create a World of Wellbeing

Within the thoughtfully crafted forms of the Statement showering collection are signature spray experiences, which you can easily select and change. These sprays create wholly immersive environments for drenching the body and relaxing the mind to foster a sense of wellbeing.

With air-infused droplets, the flow of water is intensified for enhanced coverage and comfort. It drenches and clings to the body in a full, luxurious spray.

Super-fine, silken droplets converge to gently caress the body. The expansive, luxurious spray feels like a warm embrace as it restores a sense of wellbeing.

Interlaced water streams create three experience zones in a single spray. The droplets closest to the nozzle rinse, while the middle zone massages and the farthest stream provides coverage.


Strong streams of water twist and swirl to create a slow kneading pattern. The rhythmic massage delivers relaxation and relief.

Gravity-fed droplets envelop the body in a gentle spray. The soft flow of water has a natural feel, mimicking the experience of real rainfall.

A wide spray of fine droplets creates a soothing stream. It’s ideal for an invigorating massage and cleaning the shower itself.

The Beauty of Simplicity

A diverse portfolio and universal designs allow for unrestrained creativity and nearly endless configuration possibilities.