Truly transform your shower experience

A digital shower will completely change your showering experience for the better. How? By allowing you to control or customize your experience down to the tiniest detail. You can orchestrate temperature, spray experiences, steam, music and more all with an intuitive interface. From a simple upgrade to a deluxe, spa-like experience, a digital shower is perfect for any need or space.

  • Control


    From selecting the precise temperature to shower duration, outlet selection and more, control every aspect of your showering experience, right from your fingertips. 

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  • Customization


    Choose the exact showering components and layout to create a customized showering experience just for you. 

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  • Clean Look

    Clean Look

    Create a clean and uncluttered look in the showering space by replacing multiple trims and handles with a simple, intuitive interface

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  • Building a new home or considering a remodel? Start with digital! Visit your nearest KOHLER® Showroom or go to KOHLER Bathroom Design Services to learn more.

  • DTV Prompt®

    DTV Prompt®

    Next-level digital showering.

    DTV Prompt is available with a two- or three- outlet valve, which means you can run up to three showering components, delivering precise control of the temperature and outlets with just the push of a button. 

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  • DTV+™


    The ultimate in digital showering The DTV+ digital showering system brings water, sound, steam and light together for a true multisensory showering experience. Every element of your shower is completely customizable and controlled by a touch-screen interface. 

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  • KOHLER® Konnect

    KOHLER® Konnect

    DTV+ with KOHLER Konnect™ uses voice-enabled technology to deliver a customizable showering experience. Control your shower routine without ever lifting a finger and enjoy an immersive, invigorating shower that’s unique to you

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