Introducing Rivlet bathroom cabinet

Introducing Rivlet bathroom cabinet

Say goodbye to your bathroom acrobatics with the Rivlet™ bathroom cabinet

  • The uncomfortable washing ritual addressed

    The uncomfortable washing ritual addressed

    Habits are performed with little thought for improvement – even if it’s inconvenient. Thousands if not millions of bathroom spaces in Muslim homes in Indonesia and elsewhere are wet, humid, and slippery from Wudu, the washing ritual.

    The purification routine that involves washing hands, face, and feet is often awkwardly carried out at a sink with a small faucet. Reaching down, straining the back, balancing on one foot while operating the lever can be challenging. And adding water that is going everywhere completes the bathroom untidiness.

    Yet, prayer cannot be done without proper cleanliness. So, we have to live with it. Or do we?

  • An innovative, elegant all-in-one approach to the washing routine

    An innovative, elegant all-in-one approach to the washing routine

    Kohler’s design team looks beyond modern bathroom aesthetics and technologies when tackling product development. Committed to society and culture, our people have comfort, convenience, and hygiene in mind. The team observed the washing routine and considered how to make the experience more gracious.

    Partnering with the Jakarta-based multidisciplinary experience and service design firm Somia, we ventured to create a culturally appropriate and innovative design. During the three-year research period, we learned from users’ stories and lifestyles that hands and feet are often washed separately,the infrastructure is inconvenient, and water is wasted. In addition, it leaves bathrooms wet and unhygienic.

  • An innovative, elegant all-in-one approach to the washing routine

    Interviews with Suryo Donny, architect for education infrastructure who is also a member of the Mosque Coordination Board (Badan Koordinasi Masjid) at Cibubur, and Edi Sukardi, head of Muhammadiyah (Jakarta), solidified our understanding. Testimonials of end users who tested the prototype added valuable information to help shape the product design solution.
    The inclusive design to improve partial Muslim ablution resulted in Rivlet. The elegant, practical, all-in-one wash cabinet brings the entire washing routine to one convenient location. It includes a tall faucet, a wide sink, and a built-in foot washer.

  • Luxurious bathroom bliss for prayer preparation

    Luxurious bathroom bliss for prayer preparation

    The product focus is on comfort, convenience, and hygiene within confined bathroom spaces. The functional all-in-one wash cabinet that allows for a natural standing position also offers safety handles for stability. Users don’t need to bend down to wash their feet. They can easily pull out the foot washer.The pressure-activated step paddle is safe, efficient, and comfortable to clean feet and reduces excessive splashing as well as wet floors and countertops.

    The washing routine is more enjoyable and so is cleaning the space. A drier,less humid bathroom has undisputed health benefits, and the removable foot washer paddle is easy to clean

  • International attention for innovative technology and wellness

    International attention for innovative technology and wellness

    Rivlet quickly gained acclaim in the design world. Juries at prestigious if Design Awards, Singapore Good Design, and Fast Company Innovation Awards were mesmerized by the innovative, elegant product that makes a meaningful cultural contribution.

    But not only Muslims encounter untidy bathrooms and inconveniences. All over Asia, people make do with existing bathroom infrastructure to wash their hands and feet when returning home. Typically, no shoes are worn in the house, and good foot hygiene is widely practiced. While the Wudu cleansing ritual is different from general hygiene, the foot washer is safe, healthy, and convenient for any user in any modern bathroom setting.

  • Learn more to turn your washing experience into a healthy enjoyment

    Learn more to turn your washing experience into a healthy enjoyment

    Find out more about the health benefits and added comfort of Rivlet to elevate your washing experience and discover products such as Maxispace Vanity Lavatory, Composed tall lavatory faucet or Aleo S grooming lavatory faucet to complement and pair with the cabinet. It almost feels like a spa at home.