KOHLER ® Intelligent Toilets

Choosing a KOHLER intelligent toilet is a declaration that the details matter. And next-level innovation must be matched with unrivaled design. Every KOHLER intelligent toilet is born of an obsessive attention to detail, crafted to elevate a user’s experience and exceed their expectations.

  • Meaningful Innovation

    Meaningful Innovation

    Every KOHLER® intelligent toilet is engineered with an exceptional attention to design, cleanliness, hygiene, and personalization.

  • Design


    With a deep focus on human-centered design, we uncover the technologies that matter to users. Then we look to nature, not machines, to draw visual inspiration— pairing beautiful, approachable designs with intuitive, highly personalized features. “On intelligent toilets we have a team of different expertise coming together. We have user experience expertise, we have human factor expertise, we have engineering expertise, all coming together as a team to find that balance to deliver the right product.” Lun Cheak Tan Vice President Industrial Design Kitchen & Bath Group, Kohler Co.

  • Cleanliness


    We make each design decision with a focus on ensuring exceptional cleanliness—for the toilet and the user. With proprietary UV-light, pre-use bowl mist for more effective flushing, and a stainless steel wand—not plastic like many other toilets with bidet functionality—KOHLER® intelligent toilets are designed to operate cleanly and stay clean between uses.

  • Hygiene


    KOHLER® intelligent toilets deliver an elevated level of cleanliness for users. Automatic flush and automatic lid opening/closing create a touch-free experience while front and rear wash with oscillating and pulsating sprays deliver comfort and thorough personal cleansing.

  • Personalization


    With each feature, we invite users to fine-tune their experience. Remote operation enables personalization of water pressure, water temperature, heated seat, warm-air dryer, and lighting.

  • Innate


    The nexus of performance, value, and cleanliness

    Inspired by the vastness of space and the organic movement of large waves, the Innate intelligent toilet emerged from designers looking at nature and how we react to it. An affordable option, it integrates quality flushing performance and personal cleansing functionality into a versatile design.

  • Karing 2.0

    Karing 2.0

    Elevated well-being

    With cutting-edge technology hidden in a sleek design, the Karing intelligent toilet creates an unmatched wellness experience. It features an ergonomic seat design and a streamlined look, delivering minimalist style and maximum hygiene.

  • Veil


    Minimalism celebrated

    The Veil intelligent toilet epitomizes minimalist and ergonomic design with flowing and immaculately balanced curves. It’s available in wall-mount and floor-mount options.

  • Eir


    An artful approach to design and technology

    The Eir intelligent toilet exemplifies the art of innovation with its flowing lines and option for personalized finish detail. It pairs a high-performance flushing platform with the latest in personal hygiene. Finish details are available in Rose Gold, Sunrise Gold, and White.

  • Numi 2.0

    Numi 2.0

    The future reimagined

    Unmatched in design and technology, the Numi intelligent toilet features personalized settings that let users fine-tune every option to their exact preferences. Kohler’s most advanced toilet, it marks a new standard of excellence in the bathroom with its striking form, exceptional water efficiency, and unexpected features including ambient lighting, Bluetooth® wireless technology, and Amazon Alexa connectivity. It’s available in White and Honed Black.