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Shower Doors Guide

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  • Shower Door Glass Designs

    Shower doors can be clear for a clean look that enlarges the space or frosted or patterned for privacy. Typically shower doors feature a substance like Kohler’s special CleanCoat® that keeps residue from clinging to the glass.

  • Shower Door Glass Thickness

    Shower Door Glass Thickness

    The thickness of your glass affects how substantial the door feels as you open and close it. Select 1/4,” 5/16", 3/8" or 1/2" glass thickness. Thinner glass typically requires a frame for additional support.


  • Shower Doors Glass Design

    Shower Doors Glass Design

    Crystal Clear Glass

    Flawless clear glass brings an expansive open quality to your shower space

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  • Shower Doors Glass Design

    Frosted Glass

    A privacy screen first and foremost, frosted glass also brings a bit of softness

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