Lavatory Faucets Guide

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  • Bathroom Lavatory Faucet Design Coordination

    A wide variety of elements go into creating a beautiful look for your styling space and the overall bathroom. As you think about how each item works on its own, and how they can all work together, here are a few things to remember.

  • Bathroom Lavatory Faucet Design Coordination

    Bathroom Accessories

    Bathroom faucets are usually part of a larger faucet and accessory collection. As you design your space, you can choose to match the style of the faucet to all of your accessories, from towel bars and robe hooks to toilet tissue holders

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  • Bathroom Lavatory Faucet Design Coordination

    Lavatory Faucet Families

    Lavatory faucet families let you coordinate all of your bathroom faucetry with the same style and finish. From a range of lavatory faucet configurations to showering components and decorative accessories, faucet families have the whole space covered.

  • Bathroom Lavatory Faucet Design Coordination

    Bathroom Collections

    If you love matching pieces, but would rather leave it to the design experts to coordinate the components, try exploring collections that include faucets and fixtures for whole-room solutions. 

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