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  • Toilet Types

    Toilet type is defined by how many pieces make up the toilet – one or two – and how the toilet is installed – on the floor or on the wall. The majority of toilets installed are two-piece toilets that are mounted on the floor. Keep in mind that if you’re interested in advanced features like bidet functionality and personalized cleansing, you will need to have an electrical outlet installed close to the toilet.

  • Toilet Types

    Two-Piece Toilets

    This is the most common type of toilet installed in residential settings, and it offers great value. A separate tank and bowl are assembled together to create the full toilet. KOHLER two-piece toilets usually require a separately sold seat.

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  • Toilet Types

    One-Piece Toilets

    A one-piece toilet is crafted from one single piece of ceramic, so the bowl and tank are integrated. This eliminates the seam between the bowl and tank, making it easier to keep clean. KOHLER one-piece toilets typically come with a seat. 

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  • Toilet Types

    Intelligent Toilets

    From heated seats and warm-water cleansing to automated flushing and more, intelligent toilets help redefine one of life’s most basic rituals. 

    Leading-Edge Design
    Intelligent toilets features an innovative tankless design that makes a stunning style statement.

    From heated seats and warm-water bidet functionality to automated flushing and more, intelligent toilets help redefine one of life’s most basic rituals.

    Adjustable Settings
    Temperature, cleansing settings and more can be controlled with an intuitive touch-screen remote. 

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  • Toilet Types

    Wall-Hung Toilets

    Ideal for bathrooms with a limited footprint, a wall-hung toilet features a sleek, easy-to-clean design. With a hidden in-wall tank, only the bowl and flush plate are mounted to the wall, resulting in a streamlined profile that saves up to 12" of space over floor-mount models and simplifies cleaning. 

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  • Toilet Types

    Rough-In Measurement

    To ensure your new floor-mount toilet fits your space, measure from the wall (not the baseboard) to the floor bolts that attach the toilet to the floor. This is the rough-in measurement. The most common rough-in is 12". 

    To ensure your wall-hung toilet fits your space, measure the depth of the wall studs which will hold the in-wall water tank. These tanks come in sizes that coordinate with 2" x 6" or 2" x 4" studs. You will need to choose a tank that matches.

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