Powering Exceptional Performance

Anthem valves and controls feature advanced outlet regulation, for independent access to each shower component. Command temperature and volume with precision, or create and save presets to enjoy a highly personalized experience.

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Brilliantly Elevated

The tactile design mirrors other familiar household objects and feels intuitive with a matte screen that minimizes glare, while the universal iconography, haptic feedback, and five language options offer a refreshing approachability.

Moments That Transform

The Anthem digital control offers built-in, preconfigured hydrotherapies that take showering to new depths. Each immersive journey is designed to enhance personal wellbeing with targeted experiences that can relax, invigorate, or deliver a sense of escape.

Anthem mechanical controls represent the highest style and most intuitive interfaces of any nondigital setup.

With a clean look reminiscent of common household appliances, the Anthem recessed control is intuitive and familiar.

Choose the elevated style of the Anthem exposed thermostatic valve and control with up to two independently adjustable outlets.

Kohler was the first to transform showering with the precise operation and uncluttered look of digital controls. Now with the Anthem™ digital valve and control, we’re delivering our most advanced, intuitive, and immersive experience yet.

Simple Connections, Extraordinary Experiences

The Anthem digital valve is engineered as a single piece with no individual elements to assemble, making installation simple—regardless of valve requirements.

Showering, Evolved

Without busy trims and handles, digital showering uses a sleek, intuitively designed control to facilitate total shower mastery. Users can precisely tune every setting to their exact preferences—including temperature, volume, and individual sprays.